Meadowlands Dog Training promises expertise and commitment – we offer dog training for aggressive dogs and other behavioral problems


Our trainers are certified through Canine Trade Group, an organization led by veteran dog trainer John Van Olden, which offers an intensive 320-hour course on canine behavior. Any trainer who is accepted into the intensive class graduates with a deeper understanding of canine history, canine behavior theory, and canine training methodology. They also spend several weeks working hands-on with troubled rescue dogs, gaining practical knowledge while also honing their newfound skills.

If you agree to follow our customized training plan, we will charge you one flat fee and stick by you until the job is done. No matter how long of a process or how difficult the journey, we will be there for you until all of the predetermined training goals are met, without charging you another penny.

We believe in-home training is the right choice for several reasons:

  1. In-home training keeps your dog in his or her normal environment. This means we’ll not only keep your pet in his or her comfort zone, but we’ll be training him or her against the distractions/triggers they experience daily.
  2. In-home training allows you to practice handling your dog. This means your dog will learn to listen to you and take cues from you rather than just from us. We aren’t the ones who will be in their lives forever. In-home training allows you to take the lead and learn as much about how your dog’s mind works as we do, allowing for optimum success.
  3. In-home training is customized. We fit the training around your schedule so you can effectively meet the needs of your dog. And because we’re fully focused on you and your pet, the training plan will be fully focused on you and your pet.

If in-home training with Meadowlands Dog Training sounds like the right choice for you, give us a call at 201.283.9700 or e-mail us through the form below. Our trainers are standing by to speak with you.

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